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Cooperate social responsibility
The social responsibility of Hawk Bio. covers three main areas: Corporate Governance, Environmental Protection and Social Welfare, respectively, to shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, the country, the environment and resources, the community and society, with the development results of more than 30 years of tireless efforts, as the cornerstone of our long-term commitment.
Corporate Governance

For shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and the nation, strive to live up to the following commitments.

● Comply with legal and ethical codes and establish sound corporate systems to maintain good corporate governance.

● To be in line with international standards and to continue to actively improve and enhance our competitiveness and create shareholder equity.

● We supply stable, reliable, safe and cost-effective products and work with our upstream and downstream customers to develop products and improve competitiveness.

● Provide a healthy and safe working environment, good training programmes and systems, and clear objectives for employees to follow so that they can develop their talents and potential.

Environmental Protection

For the Earth's environment and resources, strive to live up to the following commitments.

● With the expectation that industry and environmental protection will go hand in hand, we are moving towards an eco-industrial park and exploring the best processes to protect the environment.

● Continued transformation of the manufacturing and office environment with the principle of energy saving and carbon reduction.

● Promote the use of environmentally friendly and energy-saving lamps and lanterns in the company, design products to be environmentally friendly, give priority to the purchase of environmentally friendly materials, reduce resource consumption and increase recycling.

● Actively promote the use and market development of solar lights for environmental companies to reduce energy consumption.

Social Public Welfare

For the community and society, strive to live up to the following commitments.

●We pay attention to various social issues and invest in helping the disabled and widowed elderly in the surrounding communities, adding warmth and care to the community and reducing social problems. Giving back to the community.

●Give back to the community and the country by actively assisting in times of major national disasters.

●We run our business in the spirit of goodwill and actively participate in public service.

Cooperate social responsibility
The company actively responds to the concept of sustainable development of investment, the way of management. Energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental, social, governance and other factors into the enterprise management and operation process; Pay more attention to corporate environmental, social and governance performance rather than just financial performance; Advocate for the inclusion of ESG factors in investment research, decision-making and management processes.